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[Highlight] Engaging the Youth


The EUAP flagship activities - Model European Union and Top-up Summer Exchange Programme Brussels - engaged more than 70 students from 3 local universities! For more details : Model European Union | Top-up Summer Exchange Programme


Young Europe e-Education Platform on Trial Run!

Official Launch in Sept 2014

To promote public awareness of the EU and Europe, the EUAP has set up an online platform “EU LOOK”(歐Look) for secondary school students and teachers. The website is part of the outreach programme “Young Europe”, which aims to provide users a fresh look at Europe in different aspects. A bilingual version will be available in September!

Urban Innovation - Prototyping Problem Solutions in HK x European Cities

Official Launch in Sept 2014 - Feb 2015

Every year the EUAP has a theme under which a large series of events in various forms for different target groups will be held. This year we are working on "Urban Innovation" with partner cities from Europe... More details to be announced in August.


EU+ Series Roundtable Discussion #1 "Act. React. Impact - The European Parliament Elections 2014"

7 April, 2014- Mr. Vincent Piket (Head, Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao), Mr. Juan Manuel Lopez-Nadal (Consul General of Spain), Prof. Roger Vickerman (Dean of Europe, University of Kent), and Ms. Kathleen Ferrier (former Member of EU Parliament, the Netherlands) discussed the importance of the coming elections of the EU, suggesting the reforms of the Lisbon Treaty, which increased the power of the EU Parliament in the EU’s decision-making and adoption of the budget.


#2 "Of Velvet Revolutions and Velvet Occupations - The European Union and the Current State of its Eastern Partnership Programme"

17 April, 2014- Mr. Nikolaus Graf Lambsdorff (Consul General of Germany), Mr. Vincent Piket (Head, Office of the European Union to Hong Kong and Macao) and Dr. Stefan Auer (Associate Professor, European Studies Programme, HKU) discussed the challenges to EU foreign policy in Eastern Europe and agreed that peaceful and democratic elections in Ukraine, the promotion of law and the respect for essential freedoms should be supported.

Guest Lecture on the Holocaust / After-screening Discussion of "Journey to Justice"

11 April, 2014- Dr. Martin Chung, Research Assistant Professor of the EUAP, gave a guest lecture at the Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) on “The Holocaust and Its Meaning for Us Today”.
23 April, 2014- Dr. Chung was invited by the Goethe-Institut Hongkong to the post-screening discussion of the documentary “Journey to Justice” by Steve Palackdharry. In the discussion session, questions of collective guilt, cross-generational “co-liability”, remembrance and reconciliation were broached.

Hong Kong Model European Union Simulation 2014

25-26 April, 2014- over 40 students from HKBU, HKU and CUHK participated in the simulation of European Council. The participants spent 2 days discussing the topic of “Cyber Security Strategy”. Participants agreed that the competition was a great learning experience. Awardees were offered a visit to European Union institutions in a week-long 2014 EUAP summer programme in Brussels.

Global Anti-Counterfeiting Conference Hong Kong

8 May, 2014- 17 experts from customs offices (China, HK, Japan, Korea, Australia), brand owners, legal experts and academics were invited to discuss how to enhance international cooperation to combat counterfeiting. Over 180 participants learned about the figures and trends of counterfeiting and the dangers of counterfeit goods.

IPR Creative Competition Award Presentation

8 May, 2014- The competition aimed to safeguard innovation and creativity by means of IPR protection. More than 130 students took part in the Visual Arts, Mascot Design and Short Film contests. Szeto Chun Hei, Kenneth (HKBU), Tung Sin Ting (Hong Kong Design Institute) and the team of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Kwok Yat Wat College were rewarded for their outstanding works.

Europe Day Supplement

9 May 2014 - An article titled "Europe Matters"/"歐洲,與我何干?" were printed on South China Morning Post and MingPao respectively on Europe Day - 'Why should we in Hong Kong know about Europe and the European Union? What actually is the EU, apart from being an "over-complex suprational organization"?'

EUAP Annual Conference on Political Reconciliation

5-6 June, 2014- The EUAP co-organized in early June a conference on “political reconciliation in comparative perspective” at HKBU with the Department of Government and International Studies (GIS), Faculty of Social Science, HKBU. Out of the 13 academic papers presented, 7 were on European reconciliation experiences or by reconciliation scholars coming from European universities.

Political Reconciliation Round-table "Europe as a "Model of Reconciliation" for East Asia?"

4 June, 2014- Experts from 4 overseas universities were invited to discuss the international relations shaped by the historical legacy of atrocities and enmity, and the conditions and actors that guide reconciliatory processes. It was concluded that the European experience provides a toolbox of ideas and initiatives that can be inspiring for people seeking reconciliation around the world.

Summer EU Top-up Exchange Programme

23-27 June, 2014 - 35 students from 3 universities took part in the programme. They paid a visit to the EU institutions, and engaged in discussion with EU/HK officials and students on various topics in Brussels. They also joined a day-trip to other Belgian cities to appreciate the cultural and creative scene in the Flanders region.

Dr. Chung awarded research grant by the Institute of European Studies of Macau

June 2014 - Dr. Martin Chung has been awarded the Asia-Europe Comparative Studies Research Project Academic Research Grant by the Institute of European Studies of Macau for his research project.

Secondary School Blog Competition "Green the City" Results

The blog competition was held from February to April aiming to arouse students’ awareness towards the local environmental issues with reference to Europe. A number of students from 5 different secondary schools participated in the competition. Simrandeep Kaur, Pan Li Ju and Yum Yen Tong have won the “Best Blog Entry” prizes, and a group of 5 students from Wa Ying College has won the “Honorable Recognition”.

EUAP took part in the Liberal Studies Symposium

20 June, 2014- The EUAP Outreach Team joined the Liberal Studies Symposium in the Hong Kong Institute of Education. EUAP promoted its newly launched “EU Look” website at its booth and distributed Europe-related teaching materials and gift set to the teachers. It is estimated that over 200 teachers participanted in the event.

/EU Business News & Insights Issue
#6: Interview – Chinese outbound investment
#7 : European Central Bank rate cut
#8: Minimum wage in Germany / EU tax probe


/Radio Chinwag [2014-05-20]Waste Management in the European Union and what HK can learn from it

with Vincent Wang

/Working Paper «Accommodating an emerging human rights player? Recent trends in EU–China Human Rights Diplomacy and the (re-) construction of external identities » by Thomas Stiegler


/LSE Blog [2014-06-30] "Poland’s bugging scandal highlights the need for a more pragmatic Polish foreign policy over Ukraine and Russia"

by Dr. Krzysztof Śliwiński

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