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Prof. Jean-Pierre CABESTAN

Director General (EU/Asia Relations)

Jean-Pierre Cabestan is Professor and Head, Department of Government and International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University and Director General of the European Union Academic Programme in Hong Kong. He is also associate researcher at the Asia Centre at Sciences Po, Paris and at the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China, Hong Kong. His main themes of research are Chinese politics and law, China’s foreign and security policies, China-Taiwan relations and Taiwanese politics. His most recent publications include China and the Global Financial Crisis. A Comparison with Europe, New York, Routledge, 2012 (ed. with Jean-François Di Meglio & Xavier Richet) and Secessionism and Separatism in Europe an Asia. To have a state of one’s own (ed. with Aleksandar Pavkovic), Routledge, Oxon & New York, 2013

    Prof. H. Werner HESS

    Deputy Director (EUAP Management, Education & Culture, Business, Outreach)

    H. Werner Hess is Professor of European Studies and associate head of the Department of Government and International Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. He is a graduate of the John F. Kennedy Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin and holds a doctorate in Education from the Technische Universität Berlin. He has worked in Germany, Spain and China for many years and teaches European socio-cultural, political and economic history and contemporary affairs (German-speaking countries) as well as European/German economic relations with China and Hong Kong. As EUAP Deputy Director, he favors a holistic approach to studying Europe, including its ‘unifying’ cultural traditions and the real-life diversity in EU member states. Both may be more decisive for the future of the EU than supranational decision-making structures alone. He would like to promote Europe’s key characteristic: its open, cosmopolitan discourse, which makes the whole of it greater than the sum of its parts.