The Team – Past Staff


Project Assistant (Aug 2014 - Apr 2015)

Moni joined us in September 2014. Freshly graduated with a first class honours degree in European Studies (French) from HKBU, Moni was one of the past interns of EUAP. She also worked for the Attaché for Educational & Linguistics Affairs at the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macao before joining our team again. She has been active in volunteer work for children.

Moni is currently assisting in the Urban Innovations series and mainly responsible for the PR of the EUAP.

Moni’s focus of interest is human rights, EU identity and Euro-skepticism.

      Dr. Christina WEST

      Visiting Scholar of the EUAP (Aug 2014 - Jan 2015)

      Dr. Christina West has worked as an Assistant Professor and Senior researcher in the Department of Economic Geography at the University of Mannheim and the Department of Geosciences at the University of Koblenz/Landau in Germany.

      Dr. West has undertaken research on various aspects of urban development in many parts of the world, including Brazil, Chile, the US, Japan, Israel, Ghana and several European countries. She wrote her PhD thesis on “Dimensions of individual and social change: the fundamental orientations “closed-open” and “concrete-abstract” as determinants of the urban development in Barcelona (1986-2005)”.

      She was the Visiting Scholar in residence of the European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong in 2015.

        Kenny Hong Kiu YUEN

        Research Assistant

        Kenny is currently completing an MPhil in History at the University of Hong Kong and waiting for the oral examination. His MPhil thesis, directed by Prof. John Carroll, is entitled “Humanitarianism and Politics: Hong Kong’s Vietnamese Refugee Crisis, 1975-79.” By studying the refugee crisis, the thesis investigates how the declining British Empire, Anglo-American relations, and human rights concerns during the Cold War era influenced Hong Kong’s situation. Kenny provides an international history of Hong Kong’s refugee crisis. Last spring, he presented his research at the Ninth Annual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong.

        Kenny’s interested areas include the British Empire after 1945, human rights in the Cold War era, and the Indochinese refugee crisis.

        His current task is to work with Dr. Roland Vogt on the topic of European diplomatic history ‘The Evolution of European Policy towards China’.