Talk and Public Reading with Monika Maron

Talk and Public Reading with Monika Maron

Date(s): 03/10/2014
Time: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Council Chamber (SWT 501), Shaw Tower, Shaw Campus

Language: German

Admission: Open to everyone

Organized by Goethe-Institut Hongkong. Coorganized by the EUAP and the European Studies Programme of HKBU.

Talk and Public Reading with Monika Maron 


Monika Maron


Dr. Gabriele Gauler (Director of Goethe-Institut Hong Kong) & Dr. Siegbert Klee (DAAD Representative in Hong Kong)


In 1989, Germans living in the communist East finally took to the streets in a wave of demonstrations and civil disobedience.

IMG_0365Monika Maron, a ‘dissident’ in the former GDR was invited to discuss with us her experiences in living in the ‘closed society’ of the former Soviet bloc – and the often painful experiences of life post-revolution. Monika Maron today is a prominent novelist and essayist still very sensitive and critical of the hypocrisies of politics and every-day social life, humorous and yet sharp and to the point.

IMG_0375On 3th October 2014, cooperating with the EUAP and the European Studies Programme of HKBU, Goethe-Institut Hongkong organized a book talk and discussion with award-winning German writer Monika Maron, formerly of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Her debut novel “Flight of Ashes” (Flugasche) in 1981 and the report “Bitterfeld arch: a report” (Bitterfelder Bogen: ein Berich) in 2009 were presented, which focus on the environmental destruction as well as recent improvement in 30 years. Coincidentally held on the German National Day, fruitful discussion about before-and-after the reunification and her experience particularly as a journalist and writer in East Germany had taken place.

This event was held in German.


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