[SEMINAR 研討會] Hong Kong – Vienna Dialogue: Smarter Than Car – Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil 香港 – 維也納對話:比車牛 – 低碳交通.穿梭智城

[SEMINAR 研討會] Hong Kong - Vienna Dialogue: Smarter Than Car - Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil 香港 – 維也納對話:比車牛 – 低碳交通.穿梭智城

Date(s): 30/09/2016
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

City Gallery, Central

Language: English

Admission: Free

In the last century, our cities were designed for a future based on individual car transport. We know today that this has been destructive, impaired the urban quality of life and is in the long run not sustainable. We are in urgent need to prepare our urban environment for a cleaner, more resource-efficient future when oil will no longer be so readily available. Some global cities are already forerunners in the transition towards a post-carbon economy and life style.


This discussion forum presents Vienna’s mobility & transport systems and discusses development strategies for a post-fossil future up to the year 2050. They ask how the transition to post-carbon urban mobility might foster sustainability, resilience, and security while improving quality of life. They suggest that a shift beyond oil is necessary and vital for maintaining resilient urban environments. They present models of living and mobility that require no fossil-fuel energy input.


This seminar relates to the exhibition Smarter Than Car – Urban Mobility After Cars and Oil.

是次講座與香港 – 維也納對話:比車牛 – 低碳交通.穿梭智城展覽有關連

Please register at http://euap.hkbu.edu.hk/series/eventpage/seminar-hong-kong-vienna-dialogue-smarter-than-car-urban-mobility-after-cars-and-oil/ 





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