Intelligent and Sustainable – The Grand Paris Metropolis

Weronika Cycak
Senior Research Assistant, Europe Asia Policy Centre for Comparative Research


Paris, the most populous city in France and its capital, is located in northern central France and spreads on both sides of the Seine River. Together with surrounding communes the city forms the second largest metropolitan area in the European Union and is one of Europe’s most important centres regarding politics, finance, business, culture and science. Its well-preserved historical heritage with famous architectural landmarks, art galleries, museums and cultural venues contribute to the city’s status as one of the world’s major destinations for tourists.

However, Paris is also addressing global challenges related to urbanization, scarcity of resources and climate change. The city aims to leverage innovation and digitalization in order to improve services and bring city closer to residents, as well as to develop inclusive and multi-functional neighbourhoods. The overall objective is ‘the city for all’, in which environmental improvements (‘urban resilience’) and ICT innovations remain in the service of ‘social inclusion’. Through its ‘Intelligent and Sustainable Paris’ strategy, Paris vision of urban development focuses on three models of the 21 century metropolis: open, connected, and ingenious.


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