Gregg Li

Chairman of Invotech

Trenchcoat2015As the Chairman of Invotech and working with a vibrant group of innovators, Gregg has been helping to ignite smart discussions and adaptable practices of Smart and Resilient Cities, Free Wi-Fi city, and crowdsourcing Silver Angels for Hong Kong.  He is currently a special adviser to various vibrant ecosystems from start-ups to accelerators in Fintech, Edtech, and SilverTech; to established institutions like universities, think tanks, and development agencies. Gregg has started his career as a professional management consultant in the Financial Services Industry, and has worked with IBM, American Express TRS, Citibank, Aon, the World Bank, and PWC in improving the quality, relevance, and efficiency of economic and financial systems.


Gregg is a graduate of Washington University, UH, UCLA, Warwick, and has been a Visiting Professor since 1990s.  He teaches new graduate level courses in strategy, management consulting, innovation, corporate governance, and entrepreneurship. When he can, he coaches chairpersons on how to improve governance and businesses, sits on boards, and invests in potential unicorns.  He is now investing in P2P, cyber-security, and other business analytical start-ups.