As founder and director of Educore BV (1991), Hank Kune has specialized in working with diverse corporate and government organizations in projects about innovation and organizational renewal, with a special emphasis on hands-on problem solving in complex social, societal and organisational situations. The objective of much of this work is creating sustainable solutions to societal issues, through facilitating collaboration among multi-party stakeholders in public-public and public-private partnerships, and helping organizations in the public sector become more responsive to the future.

Originally from the United States, Hank has been based in the Netherlands since 1970. He initiates and works on projects to facilitate breakthroughs in stuck situations, developing and leading user-centred innovation processes in projects throughout the world dealing with knowledge innovation and work process renewal, stakeholder engagement, participative planning and policy-making, dialogue that leads to action, future orientation and organizational learning. The integration of opportunity enrichment and entrepreneurial discovery characterizes this work.

Hank has worked extensively with a number of government departments in the Netherlands, including the Department of Public Works & Water Management, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality, the Ministry of the Environment & Spatial Planning, the Province of Gelderland, and the City of Amsterdam. Recent projects in cross-border innovation have been run in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Brussels. He has also worked with diverse corporate innovation initiatives in both the Netherlands and Japan. In the last ten years his work has focused on systemic innovation and cross-border collaboration, on developing innovation-enabling environments like societal innovation labs, action learning camps, Living Labs and Future Centres, and methodologies to support local and regional innovation ecosystems.


Hank Kune is an active member of the New Club of Paris, a global network organization working as agenda devel­oper for knowledge societies, where his focus in on entrepreneurial initiatives and societal innovation coaching. Hank is co-initiator and principle moderator of the Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation (ACSI), Founding Partner and member of the governing board of the Future Center Alliance, and a member of the Governing Committee of the Luxembourg Association for Intellectual Capital. He has written extensively on open innovation, prototyping, innovation space and critical success factors for public sector innovation, and his work on dedicated innovation spaces has been influential in establishing Future Centres in the Netherlands, Japan and several other countries.

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