Ms. Sonia Recasens i Alsina


SONIA RECASENS officialSonia Recasens i Alsina is the Second Deputy Mayor of Economy, Enterprise and Employment of the Barcelona City Council.

She has been a member of Unió Democràtica de Catalunya (UDC) since 1992, Member of the Barcelona City Intercounty Executive Committee since 1996 and Chair during 2002-2004. In 1999 she was elected as a city councillor, a post which she still holds today. Since 2003 she has held the post of assistant spokesperson for the CiU Municipal Group on Barcelona City Council.

From 1999 to 2003 Sonia Recasens i Alsina was metropolitan councillor for the Metropolitan Transport Authority and since 2003 she has been metropolitan councillor and spokesperson for the Metropolitan Water and Waste Treatment Services Authority. She is currently the CiU representative on the Barcelona Metropolitan Area Consortium.

Sonia Recasens iAlsina is a Barcelona native and obtained her degree in 1994 in Economic and Business Science from the University of Barcelona, followed by postgraduate studies at the Barcelona University of Law and the CETT Hotel and Tourism University School, University of Barcelona.