Sustainable Community Project – 3rd Prize & The Best Researched Final Project (HK) : Group 20

Group 20 (12)

Sustainable Community Project – 3rd Prize  & The Best Researched Final Project (HK) : Group 20

This group worked on the topic food waste reduction, using various ways to promote and implant the mindset of reducing food waste to the citizens in Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

Both sides started a campaign on social media to encourage the citizens to change their attitudes and daily practices on leftovers, so as to attain the goal of reducing food waste, and thus improve the sustainability of the globe.

The campaign contains 5 major part, posters, videos, interviews, setting up a Facebook and Twitter page, in addition to writing their own commentaries on the topic of leftovers on newspapers.

Topic: Food Waste Reduction – Raising Awareness


Group members:

Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School, Hong Kong:
– Wong Kei Chun      – Yam Long Hin

Het Stedelijk Lyceum Kottenpark, Enschede, The Netherlands:
– Chiraz Hassoumi       – Dieuwke Wijma


Link to the full project available for download (Google Drive) <


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Group Community Project Video:

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Judges’ comments:

Sustainable Community Project – 3rd Prize: Group 20

“This group made good and comprehensive analysis of issue of food waste, along with a stunning Facebook and Twitter page called “Stop Food Waste”. They also published numerous articles on the newspaper MingPao sharing thoughts and ideas on sustainability, and to end with, the group produced a great video presentation that has caught the attention of the jury, who agreed that the work also merits a special prize of “Best Researched Final Project” to the Hong Kong side.”