#5: Some more time for good research..


When is the latest to finish B. Research?

It was planned to be finished this Sunday on 9th April. But since most of you need more time to finish it, you are advised to complete it around 16-23th April during the Easter holiday.

Once again, that is not a definite deadline for B. It means that you can work a little bit longer if you need to. But please try to finish B within 16-23th April so that you have more time to plan and implement your Group Community Project (GCP) ! We will talk about the GCP in details in our next emails.

Meanwhile, in case some of you might wonder:

Which tasks are compulsory?

There are only 3 compulsory tasks, as shown on the “Workflow” slide in the beginning.

Each task is clearly indicated with a little flag like the following:

This flag indicates the slide being a task to finish. And it tells you whether it is a group or individual task. The flag is in different colour according to the topic you have chosen (Yellow for food, Blue for Plastic etc.).

There are also “Bonus tasks” for some topics, also indicated in the little “flag”. You will notice it when you go through the slides:

Do we have to answer all “questions”?

Throughout the slides, you will see a number of questions raised by us. We have put those guiding questions just to help you think critically on the issue. You don’t necessarily have to write down an answer for all those questions in your Portfolio. You are welcome to do so if you want to!

We will be putting impressive work on Facebook. Don’t forget to check it out regularly!

Write me if you have any further questions!