About EU Look

“EU Look” is a teaching and learning platform founded by the European Union Academic Programme (EUAP), which is one of the 37 EU academic centres around the world. It aims to give a better understanding of the EU and European affairs in general to Hong Kong secondary school students. We have therefore prepared for you a wide-range of topics and resources which could be useful for the subject Liberal Studies. This platform is divided into following parts:

  1. Topics for discussion: in-depth case studies of how the EU and European countries deal with issues like environmental protection and globalization.
  2. Database of European news: current news about contemporary Europe that are suitable for Liberal Studies
  3. Cultural Europe: latest cultural events related to EU in Europe and Hong Kong
  4. Europe and you:  articles contributed by readers who want to share their experience in Europe

We would be very happy to hear any feedback from you. Printed materials of the EU are available as well. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.