Best Sustainability Ambassadors

The winners of the “Best Sustainable Community Project” are awarded as the Best Sustainability Ambassadors. The 2015 ambassadors are invited to their partner cities for exchanges and field trips to local green facilities.

Between Monday 30th November and Friday 4th December, the ambassadors from Barcelona, Spain were invited to fly to Hong Kong for their award visit. (Read the article here)


Best Sustainable Ambassadors 2015 (from left): Mireia Martinezr, Brian So, Nicola Barker, Ana Al-Bita, Rachel Mok

The HK winners will be flying to Barcelona to visit their group mates as well as visiting green projects there in Summer 2016.


Nicola Barker

“The week we got to spend in Hong Kong was one of the best in my life. I loved everything; from the buildings, to the food, to the people, to the frantic activity at all times, to the speech we had the chance to give… and the list goes on and on. I had never been so immersed in such a different culture. I love discovering new things, and this trip was definitely a discovery. Not only did we discover an incredible city and the unique Chinese culture, but we also discovered a little bit more about ourselves. It was a life changing experience and I just can’t wait to get back there!”


Ana Al Bitar

“Our trip to Hong Kong was dream trip. Despite knowing that we were going to travel there since the month of July, I never imagined how it would actually feel to be there. It was unbelievable. The whole experience could not have been better. A day in Hong Kong seemed to last longer than usual, as there were plenty of things to do and we enjoyed every moment intensely. We learned so many things, visited different places and saw the Chinese culture and Hong Kong’s history from a completely different perspective.

All in all, it was a really rewarding experience and I’m sure we will remember it forever!”


Mireia Martinez

“My trip to Hong Kong has been the most amazing experience of my life. I hadn’t gone abroad so much before, but this has been incredible! This has been a great chance for me to see wonderful landscapes, to learn more about a completely different culture than mine and to do a lot of interesting activities, which I really enjoyed. Also, regarding the project that brought me there, it has been a great opportunity for me to understand how Hong Kong works, and it has been amazing to meet our overseas teammates in person! Briefly, I have loved Hong Kong so much!”