Teachers’ Workshop for Liberal Studies (taught in English) in cooperation with the Liberal Studies Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau, HKSAR Government


Date: Thursday 22 October 2015

Time: 14:00-17:00

Location: Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre


The EUAP is invited to a teacher’s workshop for Liberal Studies (taught in English) organized by the  Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau to exchange ideas and share experiences with teachers. The aim of the workshop is also to share and listen to good practices and learning tools amongst teachers for the enhancement of teaching and learning of Liberal Studies. The EUAP has introduced the HK-EU School e-Learning Project and the “EU Look” e-education platform to HK secondary school teachers using English to teach Liberal Studies.

The following guests were also invited to share their experiences and insights taking part in the e-learning project or using the e-education platform.

1) Ms. Lorenza Yeung from SKH Lam Woo Memorial School shared personal teaching experiences using materials and information from EU Look e-education platform, thus helping EUAP to promote the practical use of existing resources.

2) Mr. Jacob Hui from Christian & Missionary Alliance Secondary School + Two HK Winning Students presented their experiences and thoughts from the HK-EU School e-Learning Project in front of the audience.

Over 60 teachers from 37 local schools have participated in the workshop.



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