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「Euro Leaf」-- label of organic products certified by EU

分類/Category:Environmental Protection,Teaching/Learning,Waste Management
Photo: Women of Green

German food labels are past their best-before dates

Statistics tell us that 80% of consumers do not know the difference between best-before, sell-by, and use-by dates – and this is adding to the mountain of waste in Europe as more food waste is produced unnecessarily.

分類/Category:Civic Education,Environmental Protection,Quality of Life,Teaching/Learning,Waste Management
Restos du coeur

Is France’s supermarket food waste law heading for Europe?

France plans to introduce a law that bans supermarkets from destroying unsold food, and obliges them to give it to charity. However, this is irritating retailers who say they already make a big effort to fight waste. So what is the debate and issue about?

分類/Category:Civic Education,Humanities & History,Multicultural Society,Teaching/Learning

Just how does the EU work with so many languages?

As we know, the European Union consists of 28 Member States, but do you know what's the total number of official languages used across the community? The answer is: 24! So how precisely does the EU operate and function through this myriad of different languages, and what are people's attitudes towards multilingualism in Europe? Let's find out in this article!


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