#8: Win your ticket to go abroad!


Some of you have started the final Project already, brilliant!
In case you are still lost, here are some information and tips for you

What will we do?

Group Community Project = Planning + Implementation + Evaluation; and to be presented in a maximum of 20 slides.

How to start?

  1. Go to learning platform -> “C. Group Community Project”, go through the presentation there.
  2. Go to your Google group folder, open the new file called “Group Community Project” and take a look at the slides.
  3. After you have gone through everything, start with the first part of the Project: Find out a topic you want to work on, and most importantly, discuss with your groupmates!

When to get it done

You are free to assign your time for planning / implementation / evaluation / making your presentation looks good… etc. We know all of you need more time, if most of you cannot finish by 21/5, we will announce the new final deadline to you soon.

Remember, the Group Community Project is the most important element of the whole e-Learning Project!

Collaboration is the key – talk to your overseas groupmate NOW if you haven’t!

The Group Community Project should be a collaborative work between local and overseas groupmates. The topic you choose should have relevance to both communities in Hong Kong and Europe, so that the whole group can engage and contribute. You should communicate and organise with your overseas groupmates, and agree on a common task area which they can engage in.

The Grand Prize “Best Sustainable Community Project”

To win the grand prize, the group has to show teamwork among members as well as among HK/Europe. As mentioned in our last e-mail, the winning group of the will be awarded the trip to visit their partner city! And there are also other prizes 🙂

Write me anytime when you have questions or need any help!