Winning Group Community Projects

  • Best Portfolio Project: Group 7
    Posted in: 2016

        Best Portfolio Project: Group 7 Topic: Food: Production and consumption Group Members  Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Logos Academy: – CHAN Hong Ying, Antonia   – HO Hei Nam   -TANG Chi Fung, Marcus Het Stedelijk Lyceum Kottenpark, Enschede, Netherlands: -VAN DUYN  Merel   -VAN HALEN Sterre >Link to the full project available for […]

  • The Best Sustainable Community Project 2015-16 – Winner: Group 22
    Posted in: 2016

    About the “Best Sustainable Community Project” Award This grand prize is awarded to the best HK-EU collaborative group community project, which took place in weeks 6-8 of the 8-week e-learning project. The most important factor considered for this prize is the level and amount of cooperation that took place between students from the two sides. […]

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    The Outstanding Sustainable Community Project: Group 15
    Posted in: 2016

      The Outstanding Sustainable Community Project: Group 15  This group worked on the topic electrical vehicle, as the air pollution is the common main concerned environmental problem in both Hong Kong and Barcelona. In order to raise public’s awareness on the possibilities and advantages of using electrical cars in their own cities, both sides carried out internet […]

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    The Outstanding Sustainable Community Project 2016: Group 9
    Posted in: 2016

    Topic: Food-Production & Consumption   About the winning project: In this project the students from Hong Kong and Germany cooperated with each other and studied the situations of food wasting in both countries. By setting a Instagram page and a website will the project students update the food wasting related topics regularly. In addition to […]