The European Union Academic Programme (EUAP) is designed to strengthen EU-Hong Kong relations through academic activities and network building with local, regional and European partners.


Our main goals include:

  • promoting public awareness of the EU, its impact on, and its relationship with Hong Kong.
  • promoting academic excellence in EU Studies by building on and further extending existing academic and research activities, and by developing new multidisciplinary activities in the tertiary institutions and for secondary schools in Hong Kong.
  • nurturing sustainable networks with partners beyond the academic circles: political, education, business, civil society, and the mass media.
  • providing information about relevant EU norms, values, institutions and policies as well as reliable information on any EU-related issue of interest to Hong Kong citizens and target groups with specific interests in the European Union.
  • promoting regional (Asia-Pacific) dialogue and the sharing of good practice among EU Centres and Academic Programmes.
  • providing a platform for inter-regional dialogue between Europe and Asia.

Our activities can be divided into 4 categories:

The EUAP conducts gathers policy expertise and conducts research on issues relevant to both Hong Kong and the European Union, such as the perceptions and visibility of the EU, sustainable development in global cities/regions, the impact of EU law and non-traditional regional security and post-sovereign governance. It works towards the enhancement of EU-oriented academic studies and the introduction of new courses on the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It organizes public seminars, conferences, working papers, newsletters and other publications.

The EUAP provides a public forum for exchange between Hong Kong interest groups, opinion formers and the local/regional universities on one hand, the European Union, the EU member states and the European public on the other. It reaches a Hong Kong-wide audience through its IT systems, media briefings and press contributions, expert workshops and promotional events. It has a working group to develop curriculum concepts and blended learning materials for use in Hong Kong schools and maintains a network in HK political circles, civil society, business and the mass media, for all of which it provides reliable information on any EU-related issue of interest through its affiliated European Documentation Centre.

The EUAP and its member universities maintain an extensive network of academic cooperation and exchange with tertiary institutions in the European Union. It deepens these contacts strategically by inviting scholars from the EU for short-term or extended stays in Hong Kong, awarding scholarships for postgraduate EU studies in Europe and working towards joint-degree programmes between HK and EU institutions. The EUAP also offers short EU-oriented summer programmes in Europe.

The EUAP is part of the wider Asia-Pacific network of EU Centres and EU Academic programmes, with which it collaborates in all dimensions. It also cooperates closely with the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao, the diplomatic representatives and chambers of commerce of all EU member states and a large number of academic and non-academic institutions in Europe.