歐Look網上平台: 全面投入運作!



EU Look e-education platform: now in full operation!

Our e-Platform is has now completed its make-over and the long-expected ENGLISH version is now launched!  The site now provides even more comprehensive information and resources for secondary school teachers and students to understand more about Europe and the EU.

Visit the website now!


我們做些什麼? What are we working on?

我們製作了一系列有關歐盟/歐洲的專題個案,以供「個人、社會及人文教育」和「通識」科目使用。另外,我們設有一個Facebook專頁( 歐 LOOK),老師和學生可以從中獲知有關歐盟/歐洲的最新資訊。

所有教材全都可以在網上免費下載。您可以根據實際情況而採用當中任何部份,如是者,敬請列明出處。由於我們還在起步階段,所以尤希望您能給我們一些建議,指正交流。如果您對任何有關歐盟/歐洲的題目感興趣,歡迎告知我們。教材以外,我們亦可以安排香港浸會大學和香港大學就讀歐洲研究的學生到 貴校分享他們在歐洲交流的經驗。

We have published lesson plans and learning materials that are designed for Personal and Social Humanities Education (PSHE) and Liberal Studies (LS) subjects. Apart from that, a Facebook page (EU LOOK) is now set up to get readers updated with the latest issues in Europe.

The use of these materials is free for teachers in Hong Kong public schools, and you can modify them to suit your particular needs. We only ask you to acknowledge the source when you do use them (the EAP and the EU). As we have started off our programme not long ago, we would be happy if you could let us know when you use them and whether you find them useful at all. If you have an idea for new teaching/learning modules and would like to work with us in providing more materials for the classroom, please let us know!

We can also provide you with teaching assistance in the form of student ambassadors, i.e. students of the European Studies programme at HKBU and HKU. They would be happy to share their own exchange experience in Europe and ‘European expertise’ with your students!

教學資源 EUAP teaching/learning materials

為什麼要看歐洲? Why look at Europe / EU?

必須說明,我們的教材並非包羅萬有,我們亦無意將歐盟/歐洲包裝成一個其他社會或地區都要效法的模式,我們只希望這些教材能豐富您的教學資源,並在講授時開闊學生的視野。歐盟的口號為「多元一體」(Unity in Diversity) ,其二十八國成員國各有不同的文化,我們深信學生可藉着認識歐洲而對多元社會有更深刻的理解。

It is not our intention to present a comprehensive ‘textbook’ about the EU/Europe. Nor do we present the EU/Europe as a model for other societies or regions. But we hope to help you enrich your teaching and your students’ learning experience by providing occasional input about a region – Europe – that continues to interest, often fascinate, and sometimes baffle students in Hong Kong. The motto of the EU is “unity in diversity”, and there are at the moment 28 EU member states. Through learning about the variety of multiple cultures in Europe they might gain a better understanding of life in pluralistic societies.