For HKBU students (credit-bearing):

The Model European Union (MEU) is designed to be a credited course for HKBU students this year. For HKBU students, if you are interested to join MEU please register yourself for the course through UNiport EURO 2015 Model European Union” before the add-drop period ends on 24 Jan 2017. This course bears 3 credits. All students who wish to minor in European Studies are strongly recommended to take this course.

All enrollment procedure will be carried like any other HKBU credit-bearing courses.  No individual notification will be sent to those who have enrolled. Students are required to attend classes immediately after successful enrollment of the course.

For HKBU students who wish to take it as a non-credit bearing course:

The methods for non-HKBU students apply here.

For non-HKBU students:

Students from HKU, CUHK and LingU are eligible to enroll in the course.

Please fill in the online form in the following link:

Students that are successfully enrolled will be notified on 3 Feb 2017. They should attend the first class on 7 Feb 2017 (Tue) 1:30-4:20pm. Click here for the locations.

Enrollment Deadline: 31 Jan 2017


56 (28 EU member states). Students who apply after the quota has been filled up will be put into the waiting list automatically.


Those who are successfully enrolled should prepare a conference fee of HKD200 on 7 Feb to class for the meals of the 2-day conference.