Apart from news, EUAP wants to recommend some of the most interesting blogs, magazines and journals that feed you information while at the same time entertain you.

Quarterly New Eastern Europe
The European Magazine (English / Deutsch)
Monthly Europe & Me Magazine

New Eastern Europe

“New Eastern Europe is a quarterly news journal which focuses on Central/Eastern European affairs.The objective of New Eastern Europe is to enhance understanding, raise awareness and further dialogue surrounding issues facing the states that were once a part of the Soviet Union or under its influence. New Eastern Europe is not a scholarly journal, but rather takes a more journalistic approach with commentary/analysis from journalists, experts, analysts, writers, historians, as well as leaders and political figures from the East and the West.

In sum, this relatively young magazine offers a thorough, interesting look at still underresearched and underreported topics. It ranges all over eastern and central Europe, making connections both within the region itself as well as to other parts of Europe and the world, and tackles a fascinating variety of subjects.” –New Eastern Europe

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The European Magazine

The European Magazine offers views on a very comprehensive choice of topics with a sophsicated layout. Content are categorized into debates, columns, conversations and voices.

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Europe & Me Magazine

Europe & Me Magazine is magazine custom made for and made by youngster who is interested in everything about Europe. Their motto is to “make Europe personal”. They describe themselve as “transnational and supranational because most other magazines only look at the national perspectives of different countries”, but they don’t.

Founded in 2007, they have been writing about every possible “Europe” – the Europe of young masters students, the Europe of Chernobyl survivers, the Europe of the European Commission, the Europe of immigrants and the Europe of ex-pats..” The topics are sorted into 5 categories, such as critical & political topics in “Brain”, artistic topics in “Heart”, intimate topics in “Baby” etc.

Recommended articles in recent issues:

Issue 19 – Erasmus for none?
Issue 20 – LGBT media in Europe: A flourishing trade?

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