Polish Prime Minister elected as European Council President

Donald Tusk_European Pressphoto Agency
候任歐洲理事會主席圖斯克 (Donald Tusk)  ; Source: European Pressphoto Agency

Preseident-elect of the European Council, Donald Tusk. Source: European Pressphoto Agency


The European Council held a special summit late August and elected the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk* as its new president.* He will take office on 1st December, being the first Eastern European to hold a post among the three main bodies of the European Union. Under his leadership, Poland took a strong stance against Russia in the Ukrainian crisis and supported NATO intervention. He also helped Poland cope with the global economic crisis. His ability to recover Europe’s economy and his attitude towards Russia would draw a lot of attention after he takes office.

*Tusk resigned on 9th September as the Polish Prime Minister in preparation of taking office as the president of the European Council.

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