For HKBU students: Enroll in the HKMEU course!

The Model European Union (MEU) is designed to be a credited course for HKBU students this year. For HKBU students, if you are interested to join MEU please register yourself for the course through UNiport “EURO 2015 Model European Union”:

“This course seeks to familiarize students with the framework and procedures of international negotiations. It presents the participants with a unique chance of taking part in a simulation of European Council (summit) meetings and thereby gaining ‘hands-on’ experience in perparing for and conducting multicountry political deliberations about current real-life issues. In the process, they will also study in a comparative perspective the political, economic and social backgrounds of European Union member states. The simulation systematically encourages peer learning. The negotiations will include three levels of bargaining: interpersonal, national and international, as participants will be acting as Heads of Governments of all existing EU member states, required to reach political consensus at the end of the simulation.”

This course bears 3 credits. All students who wish to minor in European Studies are strongly recommended to take this course.