Testimony from Mamta Thadani (Best Delegation as the UK, MEU2014)

I very well recall the day when I walked past the notice board one fine morning at the University of Hong Kong. I stumbled upon a bright yellow poster that boasted a heading that titled, “Hong Kong European Union Academic Program 2014”. I decided to send in my application to see what it would be like and that perhaps it would be beneficial to my academic career.


At the start of the training sessions, we met new faces, faces that wanted to learn, faces that wanted to make a difference in the world. The training sessions instilled in all of us the qualities of being a great speaker and an even better
negotiator. The visit to the EU Office to Hong Kong and Macao provided a real-life insight into what a political conference is like, it gave us a taste of what to expect in the 2-day simulation. The Simulation was indeed an unforgettable experience. The venue depicted of what an actual political simulation would look like; and the lengthy process of legislation formulation. All in all, participating in the simulation not only provided the opportunity to investigate Cyber Security, it was an experience that will last a lifetime.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the organizers and the judging panel for organizing an event that will groom the young minds of tomorrow into bright world leaders.