Urban Innovations

Prototyping Problem Solutions in European Cities and Regions

EAP offers a series of events which present European current thinking in issues of urban development, solutions for urban problems, and pan-European cooperation in these fields. Focusing on 5 main areas (Smart, Green, Social Innovation, Culture and Knowledge City), the series of “Urban Innovations” will discuss some of the best practices in leading cities in Europe, including Barcelona, Vienna, Helsinki, Malmö, Groningen/Oldenburg and Amsterdam. It will cover more than 30 events in 6 months including seminars, roundtable discussions and workshops.

The issues selected are of significance to Hong Kong as well. Events will normally be organized after consultation and in cooperation with local HK partners (academic and non-academic institutions, civil society groups, HK Government, statutory bodies, Chambers of Commerce, schools and others).  We thereby hope to contribute to enhanced dialogue and people-to-people contacts between HK and the EU. The series complements existing structures of dialogue and exchange with Europe.

The series is thematically structured along five dimensions:

1. Smart City (overall urban planning concepts and/or the increased use of ICT, especially with a view to improving citizens’ quality of life and citizens’ civil engagement)

2. Green City (urban sustainability and ‘green’ issues)

3. Social Fairness (social entrepreneurship, social equality and livelihoods, ageing, migration, diversity)

4. Culture and Creativity (culture and creative industries, access to culture, culture as innovator/incubator of ideas)

5. Knowledge City (Collaborative creation of, access to and sharing of knowledge/information, citizens’ involvement, urban labs and think tanks)

The focus will be on seven urban regions in the European Union, which are all at the cutting edge of future city development:

–   Barcelona

–   Vienna(I/II)

–   Hamburg

–   Helsinki

–   Malmö

–   Groningen (NL) – Oldenburg (D)

–   Amsterdam


Download the UI series 2014-15_ promotional booklet