[Public Seminar] Green- Roofing and Green Health

[Public Seminar] Green- Roofing and Green Health

Date(s): 09/12/2014
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Multi-Function Room 11, 3/F, Comix Home Base

Language: English

Admission: Free, please register below.

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Speaker(s):Louise Lundberg, Owner and CEO, Grönare Stad AB (Greener City Inc), City of Malmö


Ms. Louise Lundberg

Ecologist and green roof expert Louise Lundberg will give an inspiring lecture on roof gardens, and the importance of a green environment in cities. Inclusion of plants as part of the city structure aids the city to deal with high temperatures and rainfall, air quality, energy use and other technical issues. But just as important are the beneficial effects the green environment has on the health of the inhabitants of the city. Growing your own food, hearing water and natural sounds will greatly improve the well-being of people, as well as providing habitats for wildlife. Experiences from Sweden will be shown, including the case study of the 27,000 square metre roof park on Emporia in Malmö, Sweden.

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“Green- Roofing and Green Health ” (by Louise Lundberg)

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